Ko Gallery Display Design

Ko Custom display on three-tier shelves.
Mountain-like profile of custom display
Various sizes of items on Ko display surfaces
Jewelry products exhibited on each grid platform
Jewelry and various products exhibited on each grid platform
Various jewelry range exhibited on each grid platform
  • Title: Ko
  • Type: Interiors, Installation
  • Location: Kobe, Japan
  • Date: 2014
  • Status: Completed


Ko is a custom display design for a gallery shop in Kobe. The gallery introduces products of various genre. The owner felt that typical flat shelf display limits the number of items displayed and allows no cohesion as a whole.

24d-studio proposed a diagonal grid terrain in a form of mountainscape. The mechanism of gridscape design allows products to be placed onto each grid platform allowing flexible curation of the gallery items. Massing grid platform can be added if display items consist of jewelry-like small products. Omission of grid-cells may be allowed to create larger and flat display area.

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