Kobe Studio

Kobe Studio view of main studio and built-in shelf.
Kobe Studio view of main studio with built-in shelves and mobile desks.
Kobe Studio Interior renovation includes natural materials incorporated into furniture design and finishes.
Kobe Studio view of entry and sub studio
Kobe Studio view of main studio and restored wood built-in shelf with 24d-studio designed Moku+ furniture set.
Kobe Studio furniture layout is flexible with mobile desks and chairs.
Kobe Studio kitchen view from the main studio space.
Kobe Studio main office and library entrance door
Kobe Studio view of library and meeting room with built-in shelves and mobile conference table.
Kobe Studio view of small photo studio that is a part of library and conference room.
Kobe Studio Floor Plan Drawing.
Kobe Studio space before renovation.
  • Title:Kobe Studio
  • Type: Interiors, Renovation
  • Area: 100 m2 / 1075 sf
  • Location: Kobe, Japan
  • Date: 2017
  • Status: In Progress

Kobe Studio

Kobe Studio is an interior renovation project for 24d-studio office and workshop space in Japan. The house built in the 1980’s was used as a private office space and rentable residential unit by the previous owner. While the spatial arrangements fit the programmatic objectives for studio operations, the inherited cosmetic conditions of décor made the space dark and outdated.

All interior materials, finishes, fixtures, and lighting were updated to create bright and spacious atmosphere for office space. The updated program spaces include main office, sub office, library/meeting room and small photo studio.

Behind the main studio, old residential units have been converted into a workshop space for studio’s product development and fabrications.

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